I am a qualitative researcher and social scientist trained in studying information behaviour – how and why people seek, avoid, and share information. Community–based research and photo methods are a personal joy for me, and I approach research questions from an interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, and often innovative perspective theoretically and methodologically. I have been teaching at the university level since 2007, most recently in the capacity of Sessional Lecturer in the MLIS program at FIMS ( I find that ideas with a humanist flavour appeal to me and therefore most inform my own practices in both research and teaching. I am incorrigibly practical, and continually look for ways to translate research into optimal outcomes for citizen stakeholders.




I am an ALA accredited information specialist with 20 years experience in knowledge creation, translation, storage, retrieval and diffusion across multiple industries and disciplines. A creative, practical, high performing individual, I regularly optimize limited resources to achieve more than expected under challenging circumstances. I have a proven record of excellence communicating complex research, ideas and activities in written formats to and from executive level, government, academics, subject matter experts, and lay audiences, and across a variety of media.

Who am I? What do I Do?


How I answer that question depends a lot on the circumstances. Right now, I divide my time between academic and professional activities.