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Who am I? What do I Do?

I am an award-winning researcher, writer and educator trained in the Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences. I work at the intersections of culture, communication and information. Using multi-modal storytelling strategies across civil society, NFPs and charitable organizations, my work builds pathways that guide people toward their potential. More specifically, I engage in 

  • community building

  • entrepreneurship

  • grant writing

  • teaching

  • conducting research

  • advocating, especially for accessibility

My accessibility work is especially important to me. To date, I have helped businesses, charities and non-profits secure more than $500,000 in funding for community projects. In 2022, I was appointed to Ontario's David C. Onley Award for Accessibility Review Committee.

A precarious worker by choice, I have the remarkable privilege of managing my own time. I use it to show people that the pursuit of a joyful and meaningful life – through business, art, creativity & giving – is not a zero-sum game.

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