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I believe in the power of story.


Stories entertain and comfort us, stir us to action, make us weep for sorrow, and fear, and pleasure. Whether we hear them or tell them, to ourselves or to others, they are mirrors and windows to the people we were and are, and also to the people we could be. Like an instrument in perfect tune pleases the ear, the right story at the right time charms us with memories of where we've come from and dreams of what bigger, brighter, better future awaits. Stories lay out in front of us the path. They bestow upon us the energy and inspiration we need to forge ahead.

I sweep forgotten corners of Canada listening for cast away stories of all flavour and variety. Sometimes these stories are fiction, myth or fairy tale. Sometimes they are numerical, or biographical, or historical. Sometimes they are reflective and spiritual. But they are always everyday stories, and they invariably declare some informative truth about life, experience, or humanity. My task is to attend to the storyteller, the place and the narrative; my art is to hone and polish these raw gems until they shine, each in their own unique and beautiful way; my joy is to discover new knowledge in the process.

Come a little closer. I have a tale for you…

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