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Services and Fees

Fees are based on word or page counts in the final copy. For more information about what is involved in the following different aspects of the writing and editing process, see The Editor's Association of Canada website (


Proofreading text                          $0.05/word
Proofreading layouts                    $15.00/page
Editing (copyediting)                     $0.15/word
Editing (stylistic)                             $0.25/word
Editing (substantive)                     $0.50/word

Editing (technical)                          $250.00/hour
Fact Checking                                 $0.25-$0.50/word
Original Research                          $225.00/hour
Writing (content provided)          $2.00/word
Writing (research required)         $3.50/word
Writing - Technical                         $3.50/word  
Indexing (author or subject)        $0.50/word

Grant writing (fee for service)     quoted individually

Projects larger than 5000 words may be eligible for discounted rates.

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