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Selected Feedback from Students


Students offered the following positive feedback about my teaching at the end of the Fall 2014 term of LIS 9003:




“Out of the courses I have taken, I really enjoyed this course the most. I got a lot out of it I think mainly because of the teaching style. I liked that lectures were very interactive and there were plenty of class exercises. Thanks for an outstanding class.”


“Professor Pollak gave me and the class a second chance to fix up an assignment and offered to check them over before officially handing them in. It was something she didn't have to do and I really appreciated that she did.”


“Brought in interesting guest speakers and approached the course in an interesting manner, allowing for interactive class activities and different learning.”


“Angela is incredibly organized in conducting her lectures. She is attentive to students needs and takes time to thoroughly answer questions. She must spend a lot of time in class preparation making application activities for us.”


“Shows concern for student progress and learning. Very approachable and you can tell she likes her job. Made the course fun by providing creative ways to learn the content.”


“You are so creative! I always look forward to your class simply because of how creative each of your classes are. Thank you for this wonderful learning experience.”


“Interesting activities and assignments. Appreciate how quickly you mark things.”



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