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Questions to ask:

Financial Considerations

  • Is there a business plan for this proposal? What are the projected infrastructure investment costs (building trails, printing and installing signs, maintaining trails)? 

  • What are the operating costs of the project?

  • What government grant programs are available? Are they one time or ongoing?

  • Will this project create jobs in the community

  • Who will own the project and care for it into the future? 

Ethical Considerations

  • What are the risks and benefits to participants?

  • Is it appropriate to refer to Indigenous history as a community asset belonging to the township of South Algonquin? They are a sovereign people.

  • Has this proposal passed an institutional ethics review? Does council have an ethics review process?

  • Is this a community based project? (For example, is this something being done by the community, or to/for the community?) If they insist it's a community project, ask who the local champion(s) is/are?

  • Who has control over this project? (Who is developing the questions, conducting the interviews, deciding on what content gets added or not?)

  • Who owns the copyright to the data collected and being used (Is it the researcher? The township?). Most ecomuseums are set up as a community trust, and the trust becomes the steward of the data)

  • Who is being represented in the stories that are shared? Who is being excluded?

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